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The Litigation team at Anderson Sinclair has earned a great reputation amongst the legal community as being comprised of talented and creative professionals who are committed and dedicated to deliver outstanding results to the firm’s clients.

Anderson Sinclair’s goal is to provide the best client service at a fair price, while observing the highest professional standards. The firm puts together teams and technologies that can work efficiently, while maintaining continuity of advice, and keeping to the client's budget and time requirements.

Recognizing that most clients wish to avoid litigation, the Litigation team regularly advises on the appropriateness of Alternative Dispute Resolution that should be considered. Our professionals can also advise clients on how to structure their affairs to avoid litigation before problems arise.

However, when no amicable solution is possible, our team of seasoned litigators is prepared to use the courts to debate the issues at stake.

Our team regularly acts on a wide-range of litigation relevant to commercial contracts, franchisor & franchisees disputes, intellectual property and allegations of unfair competition, securities, tax, competition/antitrust, professional negligence, directors' and officers' liability - including insolvency,  breach of fiduciary duty, defamation, real estate, transportation (marine, aviation and rail),  insurance, construction, energy, fraud, employment, human rights, environmental, regulatory, and constitutional matters.

Our litigators are also regularly retained to act in various proceedings, from injunction applications to complex trials and appeals at all levels of provincial and federal courts. Members of the group have a broad experience as a result of their appearance before all level of courts, securities regulators, energy regulators, National Transportation Agency, liquor licensing boards and arbitration panels.

In addition, we have a special team dedicated to crisis management and strategic advisory.

Our Litigation team members are: