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Family Law

Family Law matters

Family life has its share of challenges and problems, as well as its own set of legal questions and solutions. Whether you are about to get married, already married, in a civil union or in a common law relationship, it is important to know and understand your rights -- and those of your child -- before, during and at the end of a relationship. When it comes to your family and patrimony, reliance upon competent and conscientious professionals is paramount.

Expertise and Philosophy

Recognized for the excellence of its work, our Family Law Team understands that your situation goes far beyond the law. Its personalized approach allows it to identify your needs and to advise you on the available avenues for protecting your rights and interests.

Our lawyers have extensive experience with assisting individuals involved in the breakdown of a marriage or family unit. We appreciate that is a highly stressful time and can be complicated, depending upon the circumstances of the parties. Our team has handled hundreds of files of a domestic nature, and we are equipped to deal with complex and delicate matters in an expeditious manner.

It is our philosophy to suggest our clients try to reach an amicable solution of the issues in dispute where possible without the intervention of the courts. However, sometimes a court appearance cannot be avoided because one party is not prepared to negotiate reasonably, therefore negotiation is not a viable alternative. 

Should you want to file an Application, or if you were served with a Motion in relation with a family law matter:

The first step for you is to download, print off and complete our Family Law Intake Form. The form is located at the bottom of this page and is available in either PDF or Microsoft Word formats. If you are unable to download and/or print the form, please contact our office by email ( or telephone (905-821-8522 ext. 224) to arrange to be sent a copy of this form. Once you have completed the Family Law Intake Form, please email or fax it back to our office. At that time we would contact you to set an appointment for your first meeting. It would be helpful if you brought to that meeting any documentation you might possess confirming the income, expenses, assets and debts of both you and your separated partner. Grounds for divorce are typically based on a one-year state of separation. Proceedings can be commenced before the year has passed. An uncontested divorce takes from four to six months. A contested divorce can take between one to three years or more.

 Please note that the family law services are provided int he province of Ontario only.