Wills, Powers of Attorney & Estates

Wills, Powers of Attorney & Estates

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Wills, Powers of Attorney & Estates


A properly drafted Will is essential for a good estate plan. Over the years, our team has developed expertise in helping clients prepare sound and effective estate planning. For your estate planning to be effective, advice should not be limited just from your lawyers. A knowledgeable banker, financial planner, insurance agent and accountant are equally as important. The approach is multi-disciplined and a knowledgeable client is the best start to a good estate plan.

In addition to your Will, it is essential to have both a Power of Attorney for Personal Care and a Power of Attorney for Property in place. The laws relating to Powers of Attorney have changed significantly in the last few years. A review of this aspect of your estate is important to minimize governmental interference in the affairs of your family and those for whom you wish to provide.

We have acted for a number of clients in the preparation of their Wills and Powers of Attorney. We have also assisted many clients and their estates with the administration of estates at the appropriate time.

In order to prepare or update an existing Will and Powers of Attorney, please complete our Wills & Powers of Attorney Instruction Form. The form is located at the bottom of this page and is available in either PDF or Microsoft Word formats. If you are unable to download and/or print the form, please contact our office by email (cbradley@andsinc.com) or telephone (905- 821-8522 ext. 224) to arrange to be sent a copy of this form. Once you have completed the Form, please email or fax it back to our office. At that time, we would contact you to set an appointment for your first meeting.

Please note that if you are seeking our services to prepare Wills and Powers of Attorney for each of you and your partner, each of you must complete your own Instruction Form.



Our Family Law team has years of expertise in assisting Estate Trustees with the administration of Estates, whether complex or simple. Sometimes the duties of the Estate Trustee can be overwhelming and we can provide guidance and direction as required. Whether there is a total or partial delegation of these administration responsibilities, we can assist the Estate Trustee in discharging the onerous duties that are legally required by the position.

Estates can be complex to administer and there are numerous potential taxation issues that need to be addressed in a timely manner and we have experience in dealing with these matters. Maintaining the Estate’s financial records as required by the Courts involves skill and our team can assist the Estate Trustee in the preparation and Court approval of proper Estate Accounts as required. We have a good working relationship with accountants and others who have expertise in the area of Estate Administration and we can help the Estate Trustee coordinate an effective administration utilizing these third parties as required.

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