Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Bankruptcy & Insolvency

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Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Consumer Bankruptcy management

Anderson Sinclair provides legal assistance and administrative support for bankruptcy account management to its Financial Institution and Collection clients.

Our firm has built a dynamic group of experienced lawyers and leaders recognized throughout the industry as experts in bankruptcy servicing. Using a technology-driven and cost-effective approach, based on domain knowledge, our Bankruptcy & Insolvency team adheres to the highest standards of quality, security and ethics, while focusing on maximizing clients' bankruptcy recoveries. Our goal is to provide service and advice to each of our clients as if we were an in-house bankruptcy department.

Proof of Claim filing and case administration

Let our team of insolvency professionals manage your bankruptcy portfolio. We have the expertise, experience, technology and staff to manage:

-        Proof of Claim filing.

-        Negotiations with Trustees to increase monthly payments by the bankrupt debtor.

-        Consumer proposals (voting and follow-ups).

-        Distribution/dividend settlement and provision of detailed accounting and reporting.

Partnering with Anderson Sinclair also solves other common bankruptcy management issues, such as monitoring the flow of bankruptcies; filing the proofs of claim in a timely fashion; ensuring that trustees release on secured proofs of claim are received; that additional unsecured proofs of claim are duly filed (following receipt of release of interest on secured proofs of claim); that recovered assets are being liquidated following the issuance of the trustee release of interest and according to the creditors’ instructions, maximizing recoveries for our creditor clients by utilizing the appropriate and timely action on the files. We also address any other issues or opportunities that arise in the context of the management of the bankruptcy process that may lead us to attend creditors’ meetings, to be appointed as inspectors of a bankrupt estate, etc.

Litigation Services

Should a bankruptcy process be filed in contravention of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA), or should a debtor not be entitled to a Discharge for any reasons according to the relevant sections of the legislation and jurisprudence, our team of bankruptcy litigators will bring before the courts a motion for an annulment of Bankruptcy process, will oppose the debtors’ discharge from bankruptcy and will file claims under section 178 of the BIA to ensure maximum returns for our creditor clients.

Commercial Restructuring and Insolvency

Our Restructuring & Insolvency team assists in evaluating the clients’ rights and remedies in addition to negotiating positions on behalf of our clients. Using our deal-making and strategic skills, we identify appropriate financing, M&A alternatives and negotiate compromises designed to achieve a "win-win" result for all stakeholders.

If necessary, we use the courts, and corporate and insolvency legislation, to implement or impose a result so that our clients achieve both their business objectives in a timely fashion.

Our Restructuring & Insolvency Team focuses primarily on businesses in financial difficulty. We can assist:

  • Boards and committees of directors;
  • Shareholders;
  • Investors;
  • Institutional secured and unsecured lenders;
  • Non-institutional lenders;
  • Lessors;
  • Commercial creditors;
  • Debtors;
  • Employee and management groups;
  • Other parties that are directly or indirectly affected by a company in financial difficulty.

Our Bankruptcy & Insolvency team members are: