Core Values

Core Values

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Core Values

We are proud of our firm and its history of service to clients, community and the legal profession. We are committed to our well-defined firm values of innovation, commitment, efficiency and professional excellence that steer the firm to sustained quality and excellence and foster a positive work environment.

What we mean by firm values

In fashioning our core values, we defined values as strongly held, emotionally charged beliefs that are highly resistant to change. Our values were designed to be succinct statements that everyone in the firm, regardless of position, agrees to live by and against which the performance of all members will be measured. Firm members must engage in a group of behaviours associated with each value to demonstrate commitment to the value.

Intended as guideposts for the firm, our values represent what we regard as fundamental to our organization's life as we move forward to achieve our goals. Although our goals may change over time, our values will remain constant. They will guide us when we face tough decisions and confront difficult choices. And, they will help us determine how to best allocate resources and identify the best individuals to accomplish our objectives.

What our firm values will accomplish

By committing to our values, we make a major investment in our long-term future. Articulating and living our core firm values helps us achieve new levels in the service we provide our clients and the quality of our workplace. With our values as our anchor, we anticipate further advancement in these areas. 

By living our values, we will continuously foster a work environment dedicated to enhancing our skills and our level of professional excellence. This, in turn, will ensure that we remain highly responsive to our clients' needs. Our values will also help enrich the quality of our employees' working lives, which will significantly strengthen loyalty to the firm and our clients. Mutual respect, recognition, collaboration and commitment are the hallmarks of our individual relationships with clients and colleagues.

Our values


It is important to dare! Dare to dream, dare to act, and so one day having the opportunity to change the world around us.

Through our strategic vision, our concrete and targeted actions and by our determination, we set a goal to master change constantly into shaping our industry!


We commit to 1) be available 2) be different 3) be relevant 4) create values for our customers, partners and employees and 5) to team up with our customers, suppliers, employees and officers, in order to have as purpose the right governance, integrity, social responsibility, success and profitability.


We seek effective and efficient ways to solve problems, better serve our customers, and to remain fiscally responsible. We are not afraid to try new things in our efforts to continuously enhance the results of our work. We constantly measure ourselves to demonstrate a commitment to be good stewards of the resources allocated to us.

 Professional Excellence

Our expertise and knowledge of the issues and workings of our industry, we can offer business solutions and cutting-edge tips and strategies adapted and relevant benefits of rigor and depth regarding our thinking and our experience.

Customer Service

We believe success comes from listening to our customers and working hard to understand and deliver on their expectations. We focus on building relationships for the long term and delivering innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs. We will deliver on our Customer Service Charter by being consultative, communicative and professional. Our focus on customer service encompasses both internal and external relationships and we recognise the value that stakeholders play in our success.